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These terms and conditions provide important information concerning the Turin Humanities Programme grant.

RESIDENCY IN TURIN Fellows will be requested to reside in Turin for the two-year duration of the fellowship (10 months each academic year), starting from September 2022, with longer absences (over one week) to be agreed upon with the Director of Studies.

During their residence in Turin Fondazione 1563 will provide the fellows with an accommodation in a facility at its own choice and bear the relevant accommodation costs (excluding food and any other expense).

Fondazione 1563 may decide, at its sole discretion and on a case-by-case basis, to cover accommodation costs also of the Fellow’s family members.
All expenses not mentioned above will be borne by the applicant.


Each fellow will be supervised by the Director of Studies, who will assist the fellows and monitor the progress of their research projects, reporting to the Senior Fellows and to Fondazione 1563.

A mid-term assessment will be conducted by the Director of Studies for each fellow in Spring 2023.

A successful assessment is a precondition for the confirmation of the fellowship for the second year.

In Autumn 2023, the fellows will provide an interim report on their research in the form of a 5000-word paper to be presented in a round-table format to the Scientific Committee of the THP and the Director of Studies, and to be uploaded to the webpage of THP.

At the end of their fellowships, the fellows will be requested to submit to Fondazione 1563 a comprehensive report detailing the outcome of their research project in the form of a 5000-word paper to be uploaded to the homepage of THP.

The research projects will have to be completed over 24 months. No extension will be allowed.

Fondazione 1563 will have the right to use and publish the texts, materials, research papers produced by the fellows informing them in advance.
The fellows will notify Fondazione 1563 of any other publication linked to the research activities carried out within the framework of this fellowship, as well as of the presentation of such publications at conferences or seminars. As is customary, it is expected that publications deriving from research carried out during the fellowship will acknowledge the support of Fondazione 1563.

The grantees will provide Fondazione 1563 with a hard copy of any relevant publication linked to the research activities carried out within the framework of this fellowship.


In the case of successful applicants who require a visa to come to Italy, note that Fondazione 1563 is included in the list of institutes approved by the Ministry of University and Research to stipulate a hosting agreement with foreign researchers in order to support them to obtain a research visa.
Applicants are responsible, financially and otherwise, for making all arrangements for securing a visa, and Fondazione 1563 cannot be responsible for the issuing of visas.

The grant may be awarded only once the successful candidate has obtained a visa.

Failure to obtain a visa by the timeframe indicated by Fondazione 1563 will result in forfeiture of the Fellowship.

In case of successful applicants travelling with dependents, the applicants will also be responsible for making all necessary arrangements for securing them a visa; they may be required to provide evidence of sufficient funding to cover living expenses, health insurance, and travel to and from Turin for each dependent.

For general instructions on Italian visa regulation, please visit the website of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.


The grant will be disbursed in six installments every four months starting from the beginning of the fellowship (September 2022).