THP - Turin Humanities Programme

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The Turin Humanities Programme (THP) is a new research and advanced training programme of Fondazione 1563 per l’Arte e la Cultura della  Compagnia di San Paolo aimed at reinforcing the role of the Humanities in general and of the historical study of culture and society in particular, within present society. It aims to be a laboratory where ideas of history and culture are debated.

THP is placed within the framework of the Humanities Programme launched by Fondazione 1563 in 2019 with the aim of relaunching Turin as a significant place for humanistic culture, through the enhancement of young researchers, the establishment of international relationships with universities, institutions, companies and cultural networks and the participation in international cooperation projects.

In continuity with the promotion of advanced training initiatives in the field of the humanities pursued for years by Fondazione 1563, the THP arises from Fondazione 1563’s reflection on the need to broaden the horizons of humanistic research to a global dimension, thus allowing to highlight a circulation of ideas not limited to a circumscribed territory.

The defining feature of THP will be a series of research projects running over a period of two years each and devoted to broad historical topics of importance for our times.

The themes of the two-year research cycles will be decided by the Scientific Committee of the THP, made up of well-known academics of national and international origin (Senior Fellows), and coordinated by a Director of Studies.

Within the THP, each year Fondazione 1563 will launch a call for applications to award 4 two-year post-doc fellowships open to Italian and foreign researchers, and will assign two Senior Fellowships to established academics invited to make their scientific contribution to the THP, appointed on the recommendation of the Scientific Committee and the Director of Studies.

The THP will be an incubator of new ideas and interpretations. It will facilitate intellectual exchange across disciplines, across national traditions and especially across generational divides, by creating an infrastructure that will enable junior scholars to work on thematically interconnected research projects coordinated by senior scholars. Global in scope, THP will address an international constituency, with the purpose of establishing in Turin a focal point for rethinking the role and impact of the historical study of culture and society for our present world.

THP – Turin Humanities Programme

An incubator of new ideas and interpretations

Turin has indeed a long and distinguished tradition of humanist and historical scholarship, associated with scholars like Arnaldo Momigliano, Giovanni Tabacco and Franco Venturi. The Biblioteca Nazionale houses a rich research collection and many archival resources are available through the Archivio di Stato, the Historical Archive of Compagnia di San Paolo, preserved at Fondazione 1563, and other important institutions and research libraries.

As such, it is important that in the international world of humanistic research Turin is identified as area of excellence for advanced training projects.