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Sara Levi Sacerdotti

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She earned a degree in political science and then became a specialist in the analysis and evaluation of public policies.

She worked at Compagnia di San Paolo in the department of Art and Culture and relationships with the European Foundations.

From 2005 to 2018 she was responsible for the Area of territorial development at SiTI- Istituto Superiore sui Sistemi territoriali per l’Innovazione and she coordinated a working group devoted to the development of complex projects linked to the territory.

From January 2018 she has worked at the Direzione Innovazione di Impatto della Compagnia di San Paolo.

From September 2019 she has been working for the development of innovative projects that aim to promote the identity and the activities of Fondazione 1563 per l’Arte e la Cultura at an international level, also through the opportunities offered by international cooperation.

Sara Levi Sacerdotti
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